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Lürssen’s Latest Mystery Superyacht

She’s still bare metal. She’s still to receive her bow and mast. And few details, including her name, are known. But, best estimates are that this megayacht measures at least 328 feet (100 meters). She made the move from one of Lürssen’s build sheds into a floating dock over the weekend.

The LOA estimation is based on a few factors. Note the megayacht’s height. There appear to be six decks, well balanced over her length. If you line up other builds from recent years, including ones from Lürssen, the length also becomes apparent. Further helping: Video footage taken during the float-out and float-in maneuvers show Quantum Blue, handed over by Lürssen last year. Her LOA: 341 feet (104 meters).

Whatever her true LOA is, Lürssen cannot comment, at least at this time. The yard has a number of projects in build, including this one, that are embargoed for publicity. One yacht watcher claims the yacht is code-named project Thunder, but we cannot confirm this.

What we can do, though, is put this Lürssen’s estimated size into perspective, in terms of the yard’s other recent deliveries and current builds. Here are some, in size order:

  • Project Omar: estimated to be 512 feet (156 meters), project Omar came into view just last week at the shipyard
  • Golden Odyssey: initially referred to as project Tatiana, Golden Odyssey may be smaller but no less significant, at 410 feet (125 meters); finishing touches are ongoing
  • Project Jupiter: H2 Yacht Design is said to be the stylist and interior designer for this megayacht, whose partially completed structure was moved in the spring; LOA is estimated at 394 feet (120 meters)
  • Lady Lara: this 302-footer (92-meter) was just delivered this month, known as project Orchid during construction
  • Project Sasha: another in-build megayacht first seen over the summer, said to be 279 feet (85 meters) overall.

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