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Charter Luxury Yacht Lamima for Charitable Cause

Luxury yacht charter is one of the most exclusive vacation options around. Chartering in a location like Indonesia is even more exclusive. Often, yours is the only yacht around. That seclusion, though, presents challenges for the residents of Sorong, considered a gateway to the famed islands of Raja Ampat. So, the owner of the sailing superyacht Lamima is doing something about it. He’s donating 50 percent of the special $126,000 charter fee for trips taking place this month, to help local school kids.

At 214 feet (65.2 meters), Lamima is the world’s largest all-wooden sailing superyacht. Built in 2014 by Indonesian craftspeople, the teak yacht reflects traditional Indonesian styling. This was vital to her owner, who treasures time in those waters, and time with the local people.

Which is why half of Lamima’s charter fee is going directly to them. A number of children in Raja Ampat can’t attend school. Classrooms are insufficient, for example. In fact, only three high schools exist among the islands. They, and other schools, are hot, too, and don’t have enough books and other supplies to go around. All of this is compounded by a shortage of teachers. Even though good schools, with good teachers, do exist, they’re not nearby. Therefore, it’s far too expensive for families to send their children. Half of Lamima’s fee will allow the locals to construct a new school. Furthermore, the money will go toward improving existing schools, plus guarantee a teacher’s salary for the entire year.

By booking a charter, you won’t just help an entire community. You’ll get to meet the people. Lamima will take guests to the village where the school aid is going.

Lamima will also, of course, visit areas that make Raja Ampat a desirable cruising ground. These include national parks. Since her charter rate is all inclusive, the admission and cruising permit fees are covered. Divers among you should note that dives, as well as PADI and Nitrox certification, are included, too. The additionally yacht carries plenty of watertoys, like paddle boards and kayaks, plus offers spa treatments and massages.

For more on this luxury yacht charter with a cause, and about Lamima, contact Camper & Nicholsons

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