CRN 135, Shipyard’s Second-Largest Superyacht, Makes a Move

On first thought, it may seem pretty simple to pick up an object and move it just 2,600 feet. But, it’s not so easy when that object is a 259-foot megayacht. CRN had to do this recently, with hull number CRN 135. The project transferred from one build shed to another, since additional stages of Continue reading

50M Superconero Construction Update From CRN

The 50M Superconero that CRN signed last summer has achieved significant milestones. CRN shared the hull photo here on Twitter this week. As the model name states, the megayacht measures 50 meters, or 164 feet. The hull moved to another area in the build sheds where the superstructure could begin assembly. The superstructure is taking Continue reading