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Project Omar at Lürssen: the New Dilbar?

One of a number of Lürssen builds under tight publicity wraps came into better view this weekend. She’s project Omar, which, despite her exact LOA remaining unknown, is certain to be one of the top 10, if not top five, largest megayachts in the world upon delivery.

We base that statement on the estimated LOA for project Omar. Some sources say it’s 156 meters, which equates 512 feet. If the length is correct, then project Omar would rank as the fifth-largest megayacht afloat when she is handed over within the next several weeks. She would bump another Lürssen from the spot, in fact: Al Said, whose length is 155 meters, or 508 feet. Even if project Omar is closer to 150 meters, the 492-foot equivalent still keeps her in the top 10.

Unfortunately, our sources don’t have any information on the possible designer teams for project Omar. Neither do they have an estimated beam.

However, they do have one possibility as to her owner’s identity. If they are correct, then the owner is a repeat customer of Lürssen. Our sources, and others, aver that project Omar will be christened Dilbar, for Alisher Usmanov. The Russian business magnate has a variety of business holdings, including steel. Avid yacht watchers among you know that there’s already a Dilbar cruising the globe. That 361-footer (110-meter) was completed in 2008 by the German shipyard.

While we await confirmed details about project Omar/Dilbar, here is a video taken of her this past spring. It’s when the massive megayacht was moved into the drydock where she just emerged from this weekend. We like the video because it gives you a better sense of her scale, due to two other Lürssens docked at the yard. They are the 341-foot (104-meter) Quantum Blue, which launched in 2014, and the 296-foot (90.1-meter) Ice, which was launched as Air in 2005.


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