Fleurtje, Spectacular Superyacht Nearing 60th Birthday

As impressive as a 187-foot (57-meter) sailing superyacht is today, imagine the sight back in 1960. De Vries Lentsch launched the three-masted Fleurtje that year, and she’s been sailing ever since. Translated from Dutch to mean “small flower,” Fleurtje (pronounced “flur-tee”) carried the name Carita during construction (see video below) and her early cruising days. Continue reading

PHOTO: PrakArt

WATCH: 81-Meter Project 400 Flips at Royal Huisman

Since shipyards construct metal hulls upside down, they need to flip right side up when ready for machinery and superstructure installations. The trick is, flipping is an hours-long affair. The bigger the yacht, the longer it takes, too. So, you shouldn’t be too surprised in seeing daytime turn to night in the video below. It’s Continue reading

Black Pearl Departs on Delivery, With Cool Light Show: VIDEO

By now yacht watchers worldwide have gotten more than a few glimpses of Black Pearl as she neared completion by Oceanco. https://www.oceancoyacht.com/en/ The 350-footer (106.7-meter) is the world’s largest sailing superyacht. More significant from a technical standpoint, she’s the world’s largest DynaRig-equipped sailing yacht. Regardless of your knowledge of rigging and related equipment, though, you Continue reading