Razan Rings in New Era for Turquoise Yachts: Gallery

Now in her owner’s hands, Razan is the first delivery stemming from a new semi-custom strategy for Turquoise Yachts. What’s more, that strategy still allowed her owner to nearly start from scratch. The 154-footer (47-meter) began on paper as a spec project, with styling and interior design by H2 Yacht Design. She’s one of several Continue reading

PHOTO: Guillaume Plisson

Turquoise NB63 Makes Way to Istanbul

The 252’6” (77-meter) megayacht known as Turquoise NB63 has made her first trip. Well, sort of. The builder used its floating dock to transfer her from its construction site to its outfitting site in Istanbul. At Turquoise Yachts, initial build takes place at its Kocaeli, Turkey facility. The work there includes not just joining the Continue reading

Throwback Styling for Turquoise 56-Meter Explorer

If classic yachts tug at your heartstrings, you’ll appreciate this. Hoek Design is responsible for the retro appeal of this 184-footer, in build at Turquoise Yachts. Anonymous for now, the Turquoise 56-meter blends period charm with modern looks both inside and out. While she may look genteel, the megayacht will explore as many corners of Continue reading