PHOTO: Glyn Lowe Photoworks

Kibo Accident Report Released

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) has published its investigation into the death of a crewmember from Kibo, which occurred a few years ago. It finds that the primary cause was improper working practices onboard. These included failing to follow the yacht’s documented safety procedures. It’s a cautionary tale for all owners, yacht Continue reading

The Black Pearl Pirate Ship Listed With Y.CO—Sort Of

Pranks aren’t just for April Fools’ Day. Y.CO shows it’s possible not just to have a healthy sense of humor on Halloween, but also to have one regarding brokerage sales. The company has just issued a tongue-in-cheek press release touting its latest central listing, The Black Pearl. Yes, that “Black Pearl.” As in, the pirate ship Continue reading