Cor D. Rover Tender 28, With Matching Luggage

Well-known megayacht designer Cor D. Rover is extending his design and engineering skills to smaller craft—specifically, tenders. With the Cor D. Rover Tender 28, you get a nimble, nifty boat. What’s more, you get one at a better price point that’s customizable—and comes with a tailored set of luggage. Rover decided to explore this new Continue reading

Superyacht Concepts: Pros & Pitfalls, Opinion & Advice

The superyacht sector has taken a shine to something long a hallmark of the automotive sector: concept design. Concept creations let designers be designers, freeing their imaginations to dictate what goes where, and why. Coincidentally or not, superyacht concepts rose dramatically during the global recession. Even with new-build orders back on the rise, proposals continue Continue reading